Ruolan Lan


Ruolan LAN


蓝若兰,出生在四川省重庆市,2008年加入悉尼华人舞蹈团,成为了我团长期成员之一。过去的七年中她参加了许多团体和俱乐部表演,如2008年3月20日和谐日在中央车站的表演;2008年7月5日在帕拉马塔的河畔剧院的《舞之梦》专场演出;2009年11月7日在皇家骑警俱乐部,她是婀娜多姿的孔雀;2010年2月20日,若兰还参加了在霍恩斯比RSL的《红丝绸》和2011年6月11的《爱的奉献》;2013 年6月1日若兰出演了大型舞剧《唐花仙子》。她还多年多次参演了舞团在帕拉马塔俱乐部、史密斯菲尔德 RSL等悉尼各大俱乐部的中国农历新年舞蹈表演 。

为中国四川地震募捐的慈善演出《舞之梦》是若兰参加的第一场大型演出。舞团收到了来自澳大利亚时任总理陆克文及中国领事馆对该场演出的成功表示祝贺。《爱的奉献t》是另一场义演,舞团将捐赠款赠予了Westmead儿童医院。在2009年3月11日,若兰收到了来自帕拉马塔市长Tony Oam的一封私人信件,感谢她赴约参加市长夫人组织的森林大火救援音乐会。


除了中国传统和现代舞蹈,若兰对国标舞,拉丁舞,澳新宫廷舞也很热衷并坚持每周的排练。她现正努力为2016年国标舞比赛 (师生赛)做准备。

若兰的全职工作是在教育部门。在她的业余时间,若兰也喜欢唱歌和绘画。她也是一位麦考瑞大学合唱团的女高音歌手,参演了每年的音乐会,包括2013年和2014年在悉尼歌剧院新年夜音乐会,以及 2015年12月在悉尼市政厅举行的第75届Handel’s Messiah。若兰也喜爱绘画,她的客厅挂满了自己五彩缤纷的绘画作品。她对生活的热爱,特别是是对艺术和音乐的热爱,都会让她走的更长远。

Dancer Profile- Lan Ruolan Lan Ruolan, born in Chongqing, Sichuan, joined the Sydney Chinese Dance Group (the Group) in 2008. She is one of the long standing members of the Group. She attended many Group performances and club shows in the last seven years, such as Harmony Day at CityRail on March 20, 2008 at Central Station, Dream of The Dance on July 5, 2008 at Riverside Theatres, Parramatta, Graceful Peacock on November 7, 2009 at Mounties Club, Red Silk on February 20, 2010 at Hornsby RSL, Love by Heart on June 11, 2011, Large-scale drama dance ‘Flower Goddesses of the Tang Dynasty’ on June 1, 2013 at Riverside Theatres Parramatta. She also performed in numerus Chinese New Year dance shows in Parramatta Leagues Club, Smithfield RSL, Bankstown Sport Club, Dee Why RSL, Canterbury Leagues Club, etc. for a number of years.
Dream of the Dance was the first big performance for her, a charity show which raised money for China Sichuan Earthquake. The Group received a message from Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Sydney to congratulate for the success of the show. Love by Heart was another show, which the Group made donation to the Children Hospital in Westmead. On March 11, 2009, Ruolan received a personal letter from Lord Mayor Parramatta Tony Oam for her contribution to the Lady Mayoress Bushfire Relief Concert that she participated.
Ruolan loves dancing. Her engagement with the Group has enriched her life and broaden her horizon. She is very grateful for the opportunities to do dance performances and promote Chinese culture and history to the western society. She is keen to keep up with the Group rehearsals and shows in the years to come.
Apart from Chinese traditional and modern dancing, Ruolan also does ballroom, Latin and New Vogue dancing on the weekly basis. She’s working towards a ballroom Pro-am (professional-amateur) competition in 2016.
Ruolan works full-time in the education sector. In her spare time, Ruolan also enjoys singing and painting. She is a Soprano with Macquarie Singers, who perform in concerts regularly each year, including 2013 and 2014 New Year’s Eve concerts in Sydney Opera House and 75th annual presentation of Handel’s Messiah at Sydney Town Hall in December 2015. She has done lots of painting lessons and filled her lounge room with her colourful paintings. Her love of life, especially art and music will keeps her going a long way.

Qian Li (Maggin) comes from Sout-East China and runs her own business in Australia. Busy as a successful business woman, Maggin has never been absent for dance training and rehearsal every Sunday. Maggin is known by her outstanding dance techniques and unique styles for Latin and Tibetan dances. Maggin’s diligence, gracefulness and passion for the art of dance are no doubt precious assets of the Sydney Chinese Dance Group, bringing to the audience many unforgettable characters in the spotlight.

    By Jing Yuan