The Sydney Chinese Dance Group was established in 2004 and currently has about 25 members, all of whom are professionally trained dancers and all with a great passion for dance. The Dance Group is one of the top Chinese cultural arts organizations in Sydney and often represents the Sydney Chinese community through the vision of dance, promoting this traditional art form and furthering cultural exchange.

Also early in 2009 it was their privilege to stage a performance to help raise money for the Victorian bush fire victims. The show being of a very high standard received strong accolades from the NSW Government and audiences.

The Sydney Chinese Dance Group's richly colourful and exciting performance at the Parramatta Riverside Theatre, Bankstown Sports Club, Parramatta Leagues Club, Hornsby RSL, Dee Why RSL, the Mounties Club at Mount Pritchard and the councils' Function, ect have captured the magic and richness of Chinese dance, including enthusiastic performances of Chinese Folk Dance, imaginative Classical Dance, passionate Tibetan Dance, a blend of Chinese Dai Dance, the uninhibited Spanish Dance, the erotic Arabic style of Dance and will also include the famous French Can Can Dance.

This first class production, performed by a group of Chinese dancers passionate about their culture, showcases the tradition and artistry of Chinese dance so important to the Australian-Chinese Community as it continues to maintain its vibrant homeland traditions in the true spirit of cultural diversity whilst furthering cultural friendship and harmony as citizens of this great nation.

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《冰菊》2015 新年賀歲演出

Ice Daisy 2015 Chinese New Year Celebration

This Dance Group is one of the top Professional Chinese Cultural Dance Arts Organizations in Sydney, Australia and often represents the Sydney Chinese Community through the vision of dance. During Chinese New Year, Sydney Chinese Dance often promoting this traditional art form and furthering cultural exchange.

時間:2015年2月14日週六晚 8:30pm

Time: 14 Feb 2015, Saturday

地点: Burwood RSL 俱樂部

Venue: Burwood RSL Club


Burwood RSL Club: 8741 2888

0481 014 641 (Jenny)

0416 108 086 (Jing)



Ice Daisy 2015 Chinese New Year Celebration

時間:2015年2月21日週六晚 8:00pm

Time: 21 Feb 2015, Saturday

地点: Parramatta Leagues 俱樂部

Venue: Parramatta Leagues Club

票價: $10

Ticket: $10


Children can get in under adult supervision

訂票電話:8833 0777

Tel:(02)8833 0777












Ice Daisy 2015 Chinese New Year Celebration

時間:2015年2月28日週六晚 8:30pm

Time: 28 Feb 2015, Saturday

地点: Canterbury League 俱樂部

Venue: Canterbury League club


Entry is restricted to those 18 years & over

訂票電話:9704 7777

Tel:(02)9704 7777




Chinese Dance Drama "Flower Goddesses of Tang Dynasty"


Time: 15 Feb 2014, Saturday

地点:北雪梨 Leagues 俱樂部

Venue: North Sydney Leagues Club


$10 + $2.5 Booking Fee (member)
$15 + $2.5 Booking Fee (non-member)

訂票電話:9245 3000

Tel:(02)9245 3000

Booking Tickets Now via North Sydney Leagues Club


悉尼華人舞蹈團 2014 新年賀歲演出

Lighting Up 2014 Chinese New Year Celebration


Time: 1 Feb 2014, Saturday

地点: Parramatta Leagues 俱樂部

Venue: Parramatta Leagues Club


Ticket: $10

訂票電話:8833 0777

Tel:(02)8833 0777

Flower Goddess Chinese Dance Show

Flower Goddesses of the Tang Dynasty is a six-act drama dance performed by the Sydney Chinese Dance Group Inc. It is based on the 52-chapter novel composed by the Chinese Australian writer Shan Luo, derived from traditional myths and legends of the Tang Dynasty.

Ten Flower Goddess acquire human spirits after a millennium of cultivation on the Flower Island through holy water and training. he gorgeous and versatile Flower Goddesses are good at Tai Zong of the Tang Dynasty comes across the Flower Goddesses on the Flower Island in his dream.

Later they help the emperor fight against invaders, protect the weak, rescue the dying and annihilate the demons. In the drama dance, the love scenes are beautiful and toughing, while the martial arts scenes are breath-taking and heart-stirring. 

In the end, the emperor and his people thank the Flower Goddesses for their help in rescuing the village girl and annihilating the demons. The Dynasty has a great harvest and enjoys peace, while the people sing and dance to extol the good times of the Tang Dynasty.


Dance Drama Show - Flower Goddess of Tang Dynasty Trailer


"Flower Goddess of Tang Dynasty Dance Drama Show" is coming again

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"Flower Goddess of Tang Dynasty" in Parramatta Riverside Theater
 《唐花仙子》Parramatta Riverside 劇場演出圖集

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