Currently there are 30 more regular members in our group. All of our members are Australian citizens from different areas in Sydney.
They have been living in this country for past years. Our members come for training and practising dance for three hours. Members
are voluntarily base, contribution to our culture exchange program.


袁  菁    团长, 舞蹈教练,编导,艺术总监导演
Jing YUAN   
Art ProductionDirector/Choreography      

  孙艾莉          舞蹈教练,艺术副团长     
        Aili SUN            Art Production Director        

  张  蕾           舞蹈教练,艺术副团长     
      Lei ZHANG        Vice Art Production Director      

  张  莹           行政副团长     
    Jenny ZHANG      Vice Director      

  迟红梅         舞蹈教练,副团长     
       Lisa CHI           Vice Director      

  王桂花           舞蹈教练,副团长     
    Helen WANG        Vice Director      

  常  乐          舞蹈技巧专业教练    
      Le CHANG                Young Actress     

  张梦翼          青年优秀舞蹈演员    
    Mengyi Zhang       Young Actress      

  梁晓红    舞蹈音乐编辑, 优秀舞蹈演员    
   XiaoHong LIANG

  张  乐          优秀舞蹈演员    
      Le ZHANG       Young Actress      

  黄晓燕          优秀舞蹈演员    
      Xiaoyan Huang    Young Actress      

  李倩     优秀舞蹈演员
      Qian LI

 王哲欣           优秀舞蹈演员     
  Zhexin WANG

  刘子君        优秀舞蹈演员
     Zijun LIU

  梁  丽      优秀舞蹈演员
    Krystal LIANG

高  岩           青年优秀舞蹈演员    
   Yan GAO/Amily          Young Actress     

  曹 莉    优秀舞蹈演员

  徐  倩           青年优秀舞蹈演员    
      Qian XU                           Young Actress      

  张崇巍        杰出武术武功表演家
     Chong Wei ZHANG

  黄  怡          青年优秀舞蹈演员    
 Christine HUANG           Young Actress      

      Anny LOU                   

  张晓红   优秀舞蹈演员
    Xiaohong ZHANG

  Ruolan LAN          优秀舞蹈演员    
      Ruolan LAN    Actress      

  张倩云          优秀舞蹈演员    
      Qianyun Zhang    Young Actress      

 戴 鸣        优秀舞蹈演员    
     Dai Ming     Actress