Ming Dai



戴 鸣

她从小热爱舞 蹈,并且在舞台上塑造了不少年轻,秀丽,优美的少女形象,给人们留下温柔,飘逸的美丽印象。

There is a beautiful young lady from the Sydney Chinese Dance Group who shines on the stage. Her name is Ming Dai. She has loved dancing since she was a child and she has created many gorgeous roles on the stage, leaving the audience a gentle, elegant and beautiful impression.
Ming is a professional costume designer and dance has been her passion for many years. Dance is not only her way of keeping fit, but also her source of happiness. As long as she has time, she trains every week and she has done so for the past 10 years. No wonder she looks so wonderful on the stage. Ming is a woman indifferent to fame and wealth. She is kind and sincere. Especially with the Sydney Chinese Dance Group, such a large group with dozens of people, she has built a great relationship with every member of the group. Dancers call her “Sister Ming”.
As the saying goes, a person’s character can often be seen from the details. Ming is the kind of person who will not ignore even the smallest thing. She would check every piece of performance costume and prop carefully, making sure everything is well prepared and in the right place. Each performance means a lot to her. She is also very warm-hearted and likes to help others clean and take care of their costumes.
It is true that some overseas dancers have to give up their pursuit of hobbies because of work and family duties, however Ming overcomes these difficulties and sticks to her dream - dancing. A woman's life lies in their pursuit of life and what she loves doing. Dance is a form art that is particularly hard and there is only one way toward success - practice. There is no age limit for art, we believe that even in the next ten years, Ming Dai would still be the same graceful and beautiful lady as she is today, not only because of her beautiful appearance, but more importantly her love of dance and the spirit of perseverance.


    By Jing Yuan