Christine HUANG

Young Actress


青年优秀演员 Christine



2012年Christine代表华人舞蹈团参加了洲政府多元文化艺术表演展示並在澳洲各网站上留下了她的参赛前预审面试和回答,至今在搜谷上留下她的舞蹈片断留影,Christine的现代独舞尤其吸引观众眼球,在闪耀的舞台背景袝托下,她以魔力般的变换舞姿,成功地完成了"点燃""lighting up"独舞,为2014年春节点燃了节日的热烈气氛,她的力度伸展,使观众望而欲穿,心驰神往。


Miss Christine 为人谦虚,纯朴。由于父母生意忙,经常帮助父母做家务,在准备考大学的同时坚持每周舞蹈练功,虽然舞蹈是一种她的爱好,由于长期坚持己经使她意识到艺术化身给一个正在成长的姑娘带来了美的魅力,一种能吃苦坚持给她带来的一种毅力与精神,更重要的是作为海外华人的责任是推广中华民族文化艺术!

  • Within the Sydney Chinese Dance Group, Christine Huang is one of the younger dance members who joined the dance group in 2010, at an early age of 14. Born in Sydney, she has maintained her passion and skills for dance through a wide variety of dance styles, ranging from ballet, contemporary to modern. During the later year of 2010, Christine joined the Sydney Chinese Dance Group, with considerable experience, in hopes of gaining a greater understanding of the Chinese culture and knowledge while further developing on her technical dance skills.

    With a height 170cm, Christine is a talented, graceful and elegant dancer whose youthful spirit has captured the attention of many among audiences within dance performances. She is competent in both the English and Chinese language, while remaining a high-level of proficiency in academics at school. Christine is a quiet, attentive and hardworking student, aiming to improve her dance abilities through her commitment and endurance every week to dance.

    In 2012, she represented the Sydney Chinese Dance Group in a workshop, held by the Cultural Performing Arts Network, CPAN, which included a face-to-face audition with industry professionals. Along with another young member, Jessie, they performed the internationally recognisable Chinese dance, the “Blue Peacock”, which can be viewed on their website.

    Christine has also performed in many exciting dance performances, including “Flower Goddesses of the Tang Dynasty” and shows held in Parramatta Riverside and Leagues Club, council functions and many more. Many of which, she has entertained audiences with her modern solo piece, “Lighting Up”, a dance of strength and dynamism.

    In 2014, Sydney Chinese Dance Group was invited to perform at the Multicultural March Dinner on Harmony day, hosted by the Premier of NSW, with special requests for the famous White Peacock Dance, a dance piece based on the imitations of this elegant and beautiful animal. This event celebrated cultural diversity, with an evening of multicultural food, fashion and performances. Christine was more than willing to represent Sydney Chinese Dance Group in the promotion of the rich and vibrant Chinese culture.

    Since joining the dance group, Christine has explored her passion for dance as more than a hobby, but also a challenge she has taken part of that has allowed her to grow as a person. Through her endurance and determined spirit, she continues to spread the Chinese culture, introducing it to the Australian community through the representation of both modern and traditional Chinese dance.

    By Yuan Jing