Dream of The Dance


The Sydney Chinese Dance Group invites you to help celebrate the Bejing Olympic Games with its theme slogan of “One World One Dream. During the performance you will find yourself experiencing the ancient civilization of Beijing. The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games emblem, “Chinese Seal, Dancing Beijing” is a symbol of the Olympics. In the lead up to the Olympics, the emblem will attract more and more people from around the world to Beijing and China to join this great celebration with the Chinese people. The Sydney Chinese Dance Group is proud to invite you to join with us as we celebrate the Olympics through dance – through the “Dream of the Dance”.

The Sydney Chinese Dance Group is one of the top professional performance organisations in Sydney and often represents the Sydney Chinese community in performances attended by a wide cross section of different multi cultural communities in Sydney. Their cheerful spirit and use of traditional Chinese elements leaves an indelible impression on audiences.

The Sydney Chinese Dance Group has a focus on community development and cultural exchange. They perform traditional and contemporary dances often combining multicultural forms that aim to link different communities across Australia. In 2006, the Sydney Chinese Dance Group gave a special performance titled “The Melody of Dance” at the Riverside Theatre. On 19th May 2007, the Sydney Chinese Dance Group once again stepped onto the stage of the Riverside Theatre putting on a well received performance of “The Spirit of Dance”. The “Dream of the Dance” will continue this tradition of highly professional performances – be sure not to miss it!

The Sydney Chinese Dance Group has announced that Dream of the Dance will be raising money for the earthquake victims in China - The deadliest earthquake in three decades that has destroyed countless buildings and killed thousands in China's Suchuan province. Our group members all agreed to hold the show for fundraising to help earthquake victims to build their life again.